Frequently Asked Question 
Q. The college search, where to start? 
A. The College and Career Resource Center, of course. To help you research colleges, we have a
vast collection of up-to-date books, catalogs, handouts and computers with internet access. 
Q. What's the best way to investigate a school?
Start on line and then if at all possible, try to visit the campus, especially when classes are in session. 
Talk to students currently attending the college, take a tour and visit the admissions office and the
department or programs of interest to you. We also have regular meetings with college representatives
who visit the College Connection to meet with potential students.  These meetings are another great
way to help determine if a particular school is a good fit for you
Q. Do I need to take the SAT to go to a community college like BCC? Will I need them when
I transfer on to a four year college?
A. No. Community colleges do not require the ACT or SAT for admissions. No, if you transfer to a
four year college you still will not need them. The purpose of the SAT is to predict college  success
after going to a community college your college record will prove your college success.

Q. When should I apply?
A. Each college will it's own deadline for applications, however it would be safe to apply in the
fall of your senior year. Try to miss the rush (between Thanksgiving and Christmas) by getting
your applications in the middle of November. Remember to check each college's deadline and don't be late.

Q. Will I get financial aid?
A. Don't Know until you apply. Most people do, even those who make over $100,00 a year.
FINANCIAL AID IS. In theory, it should cost you the same to go to any college because what
you are expected to pay, your Estimated Family Contribution (EFC), always stays the same.

Q. Which colleges require what test?

FOUR YEAR COLLEGES - most require the SAT I reason test or ACT . Take it in the  winter or
spring of your Junior year. You can take it again the fall of your senior year but DO NOT WAIT
until you are a senior to take it the first time.   
HIGHLY SELECTIVE COLLEGES - may also require the SAT II Subject test. Take it when you
peak in the subject, usually June after completing the course.    
BCC / COMMUNITY COLLEGES / TRADE SCHOOLS - do not require SAT or ACT. However, by
not taking them you limit yourself to only community colleges. The CC suggests you take SAT / ACT
to keep your college options open.
Colleges will take the best score from each section (Math, Critical Reading & Writing)  of the SAT
taken on different days and combine them to give you the best total score. Your will only be helped
by taking the test 2 or more times. Your scores will not go down. They can only go up.