A Quality Education.

  • It's the key to succeeding in an increasingly complex world. But many deserving and smart students at Binghamton High School find the door to higher education closed. Rising costs, dwindling financial aid, and fewer scholarships have conspired to derail their aspirations. 

Binghamton Dollars for Scholars.

  •  The organization was established by a group of motivated community volunteers in the fall of 1999 to provide financial resources for Binghamton High School students who want to continue their education. Our chapter is conceived around a simple idea: together we can step in and help local students achieve their educational goals. There's no greater gift we can give our student neighbors-in-need than access to the tools to create a brighter future. Doing so tells them that we take pride in their determination and share their dreams.

Our Mission.

  • Binghamton Dollars for Scholars has a single mission: to mobilize our community to support local students who might otherwise miss the chance to pursue education beyond high school. Think about it...When was the last time someone asked you to help so local students might pursue their education dreams? If you are like us, probably rarely, if ever.

There are many ways to support us - volunteer your time, make a donation, create a scholarship for your company, organization, or as a lasting tribute to a loved one.