Across the nation, Scholarship America's programs -- including Dollars for Scholars -- have given out $2.5 billion to nearly 2 million students since its founding 50 years.

**Binghamton Dollars for Scholars has 25 years of helping students continue their education.  Below is our congratulatory letter from Scholarship America.


On behalf of Scholarship America and all of the students you've helped: congratulations on the 25th anniversary of Binghamton Dollars for Scholars!

Building and maintaining a community scholarship program is no easy feat. The fact that your Dollars for Scholars has helped 25 years of students is a testament to the hard work and dedication that you and your fellow volunteers have put in. You are doing something amazing-thank you for all you do to help give students a brighter future.

To help you celebrate, Scholarship America has provided a custom graphic for you to use on your website, social media channels and printed materials. You'll find it attached, as well as in the Logos folder under the "My Affiliate Documents" section in ChapterNet.

Also attached are a few ideas for celebrations throughout the year. Keep me posted if you have questions-or if you'd like to highlight your celebration!

Congratulations once again on this milestone anniversary. Keep up the great work!


Binghamton Dollars for Scholars was established by a group of motivated community volunteers in the fall of 1999 to provide financial resources for Binghamton High School students who want to continue their education. Our chapter is conceived around a simple idea: together we can step in and help local students achieve their educational goals. There's no greater gift we can give our student neighbors-in-need than access to the tools to create a brighter future. Doing so tells them that we take pride in their determination and share their dreams.


Since 2000, Binghamton Dollars for Scholars has distributed over $500,000 to more than 1000 students. Recently, in recognition of the rising cost of college, Binghamton Dollars for Scholars has increased the amount of the award from $500 to $1000. Additionally, we now award two renewable scholarships each year that have a total value of $4,750 over 4 years.