Our board members are the heart of our chapter; here's a current listing. If you are interested in volunteering with us -- and becoming part of the board yourself -- just click "Chapter Contact" above to get in touch.


President Betsy Williams
Vice President Nick Matyas
Co-Vice President Roxie Oberg
Secretary Karen King
Treasurer Rick Peterson
Website-Promotion Loi Tran
Application Chair Emily Dabek Rantanen
Records Carol Oestrich
Guidance Jennifer Farrell
Active Board Members Betsy Carlin
  Nick Matyas
  Carol Oestrich
  Barbara Putrino
  Roxie Oberg
  Karen King
  Teena Lauth
  Loi Tran
  Betsy Williams
  Emily Dabek Rantanen
  Rick Peterson
  Derek Vladescu
  Carol Rosen
  Maggie Kirkaldy
  Mary Ann Carangelo
  Jennifer Farrell
  Debbie Larson
  Sue Bird
  Tina Zdimal
Supporting Members Lynne Beautz
  Rick Gouldin
  Carinne Crandell
  Kelly Hampton
  Martha Westbrook
  Larry Kassan
  Maggie Kirkaldy
  karen Whalen